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Data Transmission You Can Rely On

XRoads leverages four decades of transmission and translation expertise to provide the most robust data delivery and transformation tool available. Its flexible design can help you improve productivity and gives you a consolidated view of your entire file transfer environment XRoads data transfer and translation experts collaborate between your vendors, partners and customers and enable quick, easy and secure exchange of sensitive business data. With XRoads, you can eliminate the hassles of installing software, managing servers, designing networks and keeping pace with compliance regulations for data exchange. In this new era of meticulous security and shorter processing windows, XRoads is the file transfer solution optimized for high volume, secure and assured delivery of files.

Use of the network is restricted to authorized users. User activity is monitored and recorded by system personnel. Anyone using the Network expressly consents to such monitoring and recording. BE ADVISED: if possible criminal activity is detected, system records, along with certain personal information, may be provided to law enforcement officials. - 3